Burden Baskets

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Burden baskets were used in the daily life of Native Americans for gathering herbs, berries and other items found as they wandered through the mountains and fields. When arriving home, it is said that the basket was hung at the entrance and encouraged those entering to leave their troubles at the door and not bring them into the home, thereby preserving harmony.

Consider the burden basket as a metaphor for all the difficulties, dilemmas and challenges you carry around and that weigh you down, hold you back and keep you from experiencing life to its fullest. Is it time to rethink what is in your burden basket? What do you worry about?  Take time to clear out outdated troubles and leave your worries at the door!

Each person’s basket was meant to allow them to carry whatever was placed in it and not “overburden” the carrier. As you reassess the contents of your basket keep that in mind: Get rid of burdens that are not yours; re-frame concerns to make them manageable and only keep what you can handle.