DSC01401When I am creating I am in a whole different world. Alone with my thoughts and vision, I draw from a place deep inside that frees me from the bindings of tradition, rules and other external influence. Inspiration hits me – it can happen on a beach, in the yard, or in a dream.

My creativity is expressed through a variety of media. I enjoy writing, basket making, stained glass, flower arranging, gardening, decorating, and the list goes on. Each of these endeavors leads me down a path to creating unique pieces that incorporate my sense of color, beauty and surprise.

I have no formal art training and have learned through workshops and classes with other artists. I enjoy learning different art forms and blending them together so my pieces often incorporate a mix of mediums. You may find bead work with weaving and paint; or glass and weaving; or several recycled items woven together. I look for and find beauty all around me and reap joy in the process.

The simplest sight can make me smile. I am inspired by color, texture and flights of imagination and so my art is constantly evolving. I want my work to make a difference and when people see my work, I hope that it sparks their imagination, that they find peace in the midst of chaos and that they smile.

Thanks for stopping by!

~Meg Price